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Video for Business and Innovations

Driven by ideas, created by professionals

Who We Are?

Prime Cut is a video production company

We focus on creating videos for business and innovative ideas.
Our expertise allows us to work in various styles (i.e. animation, live shootings and infographics).
Thus we combine interesting stories along with high quality production to make video that works.


  • Social media videos

  • Informational videos to visualise, simplify and explain concepts or ideas

  • Client testimonial, user stories, interview videos

  • Screencast and tutorial videos to get a product insight

  • Media coverage for events

  • 360 VR tours

  • Personal stories

  • and much more…

"One picture is worth ten thousand words"

(Chinese proverb)

Why Choose Us?


We are highly focused on video production process optimisation and new technologies application . We implement "Simple solutions" principle in video and sound recording services. Our brief form assists in setting the goal (main idea) for a video that delivers. Step-by-step production process provides you with top-level control and can be used when hiring us on a project basis. Making videos is great fun and it doesn’t cost a country budget. We are a living proof.

Every video we create is unique

We apply neither templates nor cliches. Each client requires a personalised approach. Years of industry experience, combined with an innovative process, contributes significantly toward creating successful marketing and informational videos. For your chosen style we summon a professional crew - filmmakers, designers and artists. Working in close collaboration, we guide you through the process from scenario to the final delivery.

"Great storytelling reshapes information into meaning. To connect to people at the deepest level, you need stories."

(The Screenwriter's Manual)

Our Pricing

What We Can Offer For Our Customers


  • Interview filming
  • Interior live filming
  • Exterior live filming

Sound Recording

  • On lavalier mic
  • On multichannel recorder
  • Sound Mastering


  • Video Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Slides/Titles

App/Service Demo

  • On smartphone
  • On laptop
  • Slideshows

Full-Cycle products

We tailor each project individually. The final budget calculation is based on scenario.
We are open and flexible to discuss the budget you'd like to fit in.

  • Interview/story
  • Whiteboards including sketching, sound recording and animation
  • Infographics/motion graphics
  • Character/object animation
  • Viral video
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